Grace & John // Elora Engagement Photography

It makes my soul sing to find kinship with other adventurous souls. Grace and John told me they would be on board with whichever adventure I dreamed up for their engagement shoot, and that was the beginning to this story. Soon enough we found ourselves knee deep in the tepid waters of a breathtaking gorge, admiring our surroundings and sharing stories. The evening breezed by as we explored, and I tingled with the knowledge I’d captured some real emotions and moments. We capped off the evening with a river-view dinner, thus ending the beginning of our journey together. Soon Grace and John will face each other and share vows, and they will say ‘hello’ to their newest and greatest adventure.

And I can hardly wait!

Elora Gorge | Ontario Conservation Area

Gear used: Canon 5d MK III  |  35mm L

Lisa & Mike // Niagara Wedding Photographer

It was an adventure arriving at this day! From our exploration of fields
and abandoned homes during their engagement shoot and our continued
communication, Lisa and Mike and I created a friendship. It is hard to
express the joy of a photographer when they have the chance to work with
such trusting clients with such rich character. I cherished every
moment of my time with these two and their lovely families! It is
infinitely inspiring to be able to document such strong love between two
best friends.

White Oaks Resort & Spa  |  Niagara College Teaching Winery & Vineyard

Main gear used: Canon 5d MK III, 7d  |  35mm L  |  85mm 1.8

Kimberlin // Welland Model Photography

Just before winter hit us, myself and a team of ladies were able to work a little magic at this lovely greenhouse! Everyone’s spirits were high, and I’m so grateful for the positive energy Kimberlin and Sharon brought to the table that day! There were many plan changes, some last minute, and the weather was anything but comfortable, but these ladies were so enthusiastic and wonderful through it all! Shoots like this make my heart sing. Here are some of the stills we came away with!

Location : Vermeer’s Garden Centre & Flower Shop  |  Canon 5D MK III  |  35mm L  |  24mm TS-E L II

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